"Culture Break Boarders" is a NGO established 2014, which focuses on cultural cooperation across borders between Norway and other countries. In addition to art and cultural projects with emphasis on music experiences at a high artistic level, the organisation also focus on human rights, democracy and civil society.

Culture Break Boarders is an open organization for performers and creative producers in the arts and cultural sector.

The purpose is to organize various cultural projects involving musicians, composers, actors, painters, dancers, writers, directors and choreographers. Each project of Culture Break Boarders involves actual artists who are invited to take part in various productions.

Culture Break Boarders primary motivation is to create new, relevant art through which it takes the pulse of the world. It is also necessary to protect the existing culture and art forms, some of which are in danger of disappearing. We believe that culture has the ability to communicate both artistically and politically, in the same time saying something about our roots. If we know from which culture we come from, we will be more open to other cultural perspectives and ready to establish a basic respect for other cultures and peoples. Art is a universal language. It grows out of creativity, quests, depths and reflections.

Culture Break Boarders looks forward, beyond the arts, to artists and the world we live in. Every culture is unique and through its art full of meanings, the artist gets attention. That's why we not only focus on high quality arts, but we will also aim to promote environmental issues, gender equality, human rights/democracy and civil society.

Culture Break Boarders has a very wide coverage in the field of arts and is open to creating and supporting a broad range of projects with any organization, including those not directly involved in arts. We want to share our competence and also learn from others, because we believe this is the way we can build and develop our organizational capacity.

- Music is a universal language. We can listen to each other, play, experience, learn and understand together.

- Music is like other art forms emerged of creativity, quest, depth and reflection.

- Music can lead to a sense of belonging and shared identity.

- Musicians and artists can easily get results when they engage themselves politically around injustice, discrimination and intolerance. They are a foreign policy resource, in addition to the artistic value.

Culture Break Boarders have been involved in a number of collaborative projects with organizations and independent operators in many countries. Both as experts and collaborators.

We can mention: Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Iceland, Cuba, Thailand, Portugal and Spain.

Examples of some specific Culture Break Boarders projects are:

- Project in cooperation with Hungarian National Association of Local Authorities TÖOSZ Böhönye Municipality and Culture Break Borders for strengthening civil society through cultural exchanges on 11 October 2017. Workshops run by experts from Norway and Hungary as well as study trips in both countries.

- Project under the Bilateral Fund at the Programme BG07 "Public Health Initiatives", funded by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism (EEA FM) and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (NFM) 2009-2014. Visit of three NGO representatives in RZI-Smolyan, Bulgaria and participation in workshops and seminars for sharing experience and exchange of good practices in the field of Healthcare Management in crisis situations and presentation of Norwegian good practices. Led by experts from Norway. Preparation of 3 reports / presentations on the organization of public health and medical crisis provision from the Kingdom of Norway and their presentation at the seminar in Smolyan on 13 October 2017. Regional Health Inspectorate Smolyan Municipality represented by Mimi Kubateva, MD, as a Project Manager of the Project Management Team and Culture Break Borders represented by Mr. Frode Barth – Chairman of the Control Board.

- Culture Break Boarders helped organise the Church Concert Event with Norwegian music in Alsómocsolád, Hungary in 2017 in connection with an attempt on a project related to old peoples health conference.


- Culture Break Boarders participated in the matchmaking Event on 20-21 March 2017, in Visegrád, Hungary. Aim of the programme was to help applicants to find donor project partner. Bilateral activities in the Capacity Building and Institutional Cooperation Programme Area – HU11-B1-2017 – Call for porposal (Modified on 29.03.2017.)


- Culture Break Boarders participated in the conference “News from Romania” 9th of November 2016 in Oslo in cooperation with The Civic Innovation Fund (CIF), EEA Grants and Fondul CNG.

- Culture Break Boarders organised and produced the TV documentary "Dance of neuroses" about the music therapeutic project with the music therapeutic project with the Norwegian poet Trond Bjertnes who have been diagnosed with Asberger syndrome.

The program was broadcast in the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, 2016.


- Culture Break Boarders organised, participated and produced the music therapeutic project and the CD release "Let Us Laugh / La oss le" with the Norwegian poet Trond Bjertnes who have been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. The release was published by MTG Music 2016.


- Culture Break Boarders was part of the NGO Fest 2016, in Bucharest. The conference was on dropout students in the Romanian school. In cooperation with the assistance provided to Romania within EEA Grants 2009 – 2014, the Civil Society Development Foundation (CSDF), the Foundation for Partnership (FP) and the Resource Centre for Roma Communities (CRRC).

- Culture Break Boarders was organising Norwegian experts during the Program RO10 CORAI in Bucharest, 2016. In cooperation with EEA Grants and FRDS.

- Culture Break Boarders organised Norwegian participation in the Cuban – Norwegian poetry project ”Desnuda” - a non political project recorded with recitation by famous Cuban actors to Norwegian music in Havanna 2016. With the support from the composer association NOPA and Fond for Performing Artists in Norway.

- Culture Break Boarders organised the Norwegian artistic contribution at The Unesco Jazz event in Kiev in 2016.

- Culture Break Boarders organised the Norwegian artistic contribution and the educational activities at the Jazz Festival in Odessa, Ukraine 2015 In cooperation with the festival.

- Culture Break Boarders  organised an artistic contribution to the exhibition of Norwegian Nature Photographs by the famous Norwegian Nature photographer Finn Loftesnes in Arkhangelsk, Russia, 2015. In cooperation with the Norwegian Consul in Arkhangelsk, The Norwegian Embassy in Murmansk and the Norwegian Barents Secretariat.

- Culture Break Boarders facilitated and implemented master classes by Norwegian musicians at the Northern Arctic Federal University, Arkhangelsk, Russia 2015. Supported and in cooperation with the Norwegian Barents Secretariat.

- Culture Break Boarders made the program suggestions, ordered a contemporary composition and was responsible for the performance at the Norwegian literature festival in Aurland 2015 together with Aurland municipality, the festival and some of the most respected musicians in Norway such as Arild Andersen and Trygve Seim.


- Culture Break Boarders took the initiative and implemented The Big Jazz Band concert – at the traditional spring festival in Arkhangelsk, Russia 2015 with Norwegian and Russian soloists as well as workshop in sound by Norwegian sound engineers and workshop in improvisation by the soloists.